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The most Mommy friendly mechanic in the North Vancouver, Lorne is always willing to fit into my schedule with the kids which is wonderful. As a woman I never feel like I am going to be taken advantage of or that I am going to get ripped off, Lorne is always honest and trustworthy. Auto Kraft is by far the best place for dependability, service, and quality.
– Alison Huber-LaRocque

Lorne went out of his way by phoning multiple sources for the parts I required thereby providing options for quality and price. Even when faced with problems with respect to parts availability Lorne was able to complete the repairs on schedule when he promised.
– Tyson Carvell

When we moved to Vancouver a year ago we needed to buy a car, which was a daunting prospect to us, because neither of us have a clue about cars! Then someone recommended Lorne and what a strike of luck that was! He was extremely helpful, competent and reliable advising us on how and where to search for cars, checking out possible purchases and helped us find the perfect one. Needless to say we stuck with him for servicing, which is always priced very fairly and his work is impeccable.
Not knowing a lot about cars means you are placing a lot of trust in your mechanic and with Lorne and his team I feel that they are very aware of this, value your trust and would never dream of taking advantage. I cannot recommend AutoKraft highly enough!
Anna-Louise McCaskey

Auto Kraft is my trusted source for all my vehicle needs. Lorne has taken exceptional care of the variety of vehicles I have brought to him over the years. I have referred friends and business associates to him numerous times. He is thorough and detailed, I have confidence that the job will be done right the first time.
– Michael Costigan

My husband and I have had both our cars serviced with Lorne for over 8 years now. Lorne is always accommodating – he always makes the time work for my schedule – being a busy mom of 2 – I really appreciate this. The service charges are always fair and he has never given us a reason to not trust him. Lorne has been our mechanic through all the ‘car’ phases with us. From the ‘sports’ car before kids, to the SUV, to now… the mini van!! I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Lorne – you have us as clients until the cadillac phase!!! Thanks Lorne!
– Karen Aldrich

I first started going to Lorne in 2000. I am still with him in 2011. I believe that speaks volumes about his exceptional professionalism, attention to detail and competitive pricing! He gets the job done and your wallet doesn’t take a hit!
– Gregory Kirkpatrick

I’ve had Lorne doing my vehicle repairs since day one at this location. For the most part I have older vehicles, some even sixty years old, and Lorne has always been up to the challenge finding the best quality replacement parts at the best prices. I have always appreciated that his repair solutions are always cost effective from the customers point of view. I’ve never hesitated to refer family and friends to recieve the same kind of service.
– Ray Anthony, business owner and car enthusiast

As a Realtor my car is one of the most important tools of my trade… I need it to be reliable and safe. I trust Lorne to take care of that for me.

-Ralph Stiebel

Knowledgable, trustworthy mechanic. Has looked after my ’97 Camaro for many years, runs like new!
– Patrick Fok