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Have a new Toyota? Don’t like the factory look? Tires too wimpy? Truck sits too low? Let’s make your Toyota look like it lives on the Shore!!

Here’s what we can do:

We can lift the front properly by putting in some Bilstein adjustable struts. That means we’re lifting the front end properly and not just putting blocks on the top of the factory struts. The Bilstein’s have 4 adjustable points- 0″, .85″, 1.6″, or, what I personally recommend, the 2.5″ lift. The 5100 series will give you the necessary lift and great look that your Toyota really deserves!

Now that we’ve raised the front to where it needs to be, we need to give the truck the necessary “rake” it needs to look like it’s ready to go wherever you want it to go. In goes the 2″ rear lift. Not expensive, and esthetically necessary. You can go one extra step and install the Bilstein 5100 series rear shocks for that little extra performace and matching great looks!

Are you worried about the factory warranty, not a problem. It will be necessary to drop the front differential. Why? This will ensure your front driveshafts aren’t under any extra angular load and maintain your factory powertrain warranty. A small but important measure!

What now? Now you have the stance you want but without the proper workboots on, it’s just not a finished package. We can offer a variety of tires and here are a couple examples.

BFG’s All Terrain

Dick Cepek

The maximum size I would recommend to ensure no rubbing and to maintain street driveability whilst adding the “Off Road”  look and performance is LT265/70R17 (TACOMA).

Overall, this is your “Bang For Your Buck”  Toyota lift package.

Cost breakdowns to follow or just give Lorne a call and we can talk more!

Why not really LOVE your Toyota and make everyone else Love it at the same time!