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Established in 2001

Owner Lorne Kraft has over 25 years professional experience as an Automotive Technician. Started in the trade in 1991, Fully Licensed in 1995. Loved the smell of gas from the age of three! I have a passion for working on cars/trucks, as well as the interaction with my customers.

Modus Operandi

What does AutoKraft stand for? The highest quality workmanship, service at better than competetive prices with a ┬ámuch more personal approach. I believe that people are showing me a great amount of trust. This is a priviledge and I do not take this for granted whatsoever! To me, you are not a faceless customer. Unlike “larger” shops and dealerships, I, the technician,am the one you talk to and deal with from beginning to end. This ensures 100 percent accountability .

All the latest diagnostic equipment and information, as well as the ability to use it, ensures accurate and quick diagnosis that eliminates unnecessary work/service being performed. I work with your budget in mind, and take a realistic approach to servicing and maintaining your vehicle. At AutoKraft, my experience enables me to :

  1. Fix-service your vehicle to the highest standards achievable using the highest quality of parts.
  2. My knowledge of the aftermarket and dealership parts enable me to “shop” around saving you money as well ensuring your vehicle’s performance is not compromised one little bit.
  3. Services on your newer vehicle will maintain the warranty(of course)
  4. Highest standard of warranty on work performed in the industry/business!