<a href="http://krafty.ca/mummy-friendly/"><b>Mummy Friendly!</b></a><p>Watchin the kiddies all day? have school drop-offs/pickups? Tempted to go through the jiffy-lube becuase it’s so convenient?  Don’t even go there, it’s not worth the risk of poor work</p> <a href="http://krafty.ca/covid-19-action-plan/"><b>COVID-19 ACTION PLAN</b></a><p>Auto Kraft has implemented Covid-19 work practices to insure the safety of our customers as well as our staff.Please call us for an appointment and to discuss how we keep</p>

Owner Lorne Kraft has over 20 years professional experience as an Automotive Technician. Started in the trade in 1991, Fully Licensed in 1995. Loved the smell of gas from the age of three! I have a passion for working on cars/trucks, as well as the interaction with my customers.

Award Winning

What does AutoKraft stand for: The highest quality workmanship and service. It is in the name, and Lorne Kraft has been recognized for his skills from a young age. A Provincial Finalist in the BCAA/BCIT Troubleshooting Contest at age 17 and recipient of The Award of Achievement in Automotive Technology at West Van Secondary School. Lorne Kraft is one of the youngest ever to achieve full Inter-Provincial Trade Certification in Canada.

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Mummy Friendly!

Watchin the kiddies all day? Have school drop-offs/pickups? Tempted to go through the jiffy-lube because it’s so convenient? Don’t even go there, it’s not worth the risk of poor work or being upsold on things you don’t need whatsoever. Here at AutoKraft, I want to make your life easier. Make an appointment for the Mummy service.

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Earn Reward Points

My customer base is built on word of mouth. Trust is a two-way street and this enables me to have the same level of trust with my customers as they do with me. I have decided to reward my customers who refer people my way with the Auto Kraft Referral Program, and this is how it works:

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Reliable and Safe

As a Realtor my car is one of the most important tools of my trade… I need it to be reliable and safe. I trust Lorne to take care of that for me.” Warmest Regards, - Ralph Stiebel

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Going the Extra Mile

For the past six years I have taken my car to Lorne at AutoKraft. Lorne is straightforward and knowledgeable, and always goes the extra mile to help me out. I would totally recommend AutoKraft, and I have! - Jessica Musterer

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Knowledgeable & Trustworthy

“Knowledgeable, trustworthy mechanic. Has looked after my ’97 Camaro for many years, runs like new!” - PATRICK FOK

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